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iPhone 6 Hidden Features Revealed

Apple has finally released iPhone 6 with iOS 8 that is super new. Do you know what iPhone 6 hidden features that are surprising?

iPhone 6 Hidden Features and Specification Review

It is a bit surprising that Apple finally releases the new iOS 8 for iPhone 6 with A8 chipset delivering the new powerful smartphone with the coprocessor completed with M8 motion helping to gather data more efficiently. The battery life is even increased so your multitasking can be done much longer than when you use your iPhone 5. The display is even bigger and more awesome with its Multi Touch and the larger resolution with the existence of HD Retina Display; what other features hidden and should be known by you?
Message iPhone Hidden Feature
Message iPhone, iPhone 6 Hidden Features
One of the iPhone 6 hidden features 2014 that you might have not known yet is how messages can be replied with no screen change. No need to exit the app screen just to receive and read your text message anymore because this feature is already eliminated by iOS 8. Now, the banner appearing notifying the incoming message can simply be swiped down on and you don’t need leave the screen when using an app.
Siri iPhone Hidden Feature
Siri iPhone
The smarter Siri might also be the feature that will make you happy because any songs played in the vicinity can even be recognized by Siri, so you don’t need to use your app of Shazam if the purpose is just the same. Siri hidden feature on iPhone 6 might be able to make you satisfied; after Siri tells you, the songs can immediately be purchased; also Siri has also been upgraded to listen to the iPhone owner every time so you will no longer need to touch its home button to say ‘Hey Siri’.
Multiple Pictures iPhone Hidden Feature
On the iPhone 6, you will also find that there are multiple pictures that can be sent at the same time when tapping on the camera icon of the keyboard. The option for picking the best multiple pictures is given here as one of another iPhone 6 hidden features. (Also read about: Cases for iPhone 6 Extended Battery You Can Buy)